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Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & germs

The fluidnotgel formula has been shown in our own testing, in multiple published studies by independent researchers and by the world health organisation to be highly effective against a wide range of pathogens and micro-organisms. Many people are interested in knowing if fluidnotgel is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus. Studies show this formula meets the EN 14476 standard for limited-spectrum virucidal activity, and while it not possible to test specifically against this new virus, effectiveness is based on the consensus (by the NHS, Public Health England and the WHO) that 'coronavirus' being an enveloped virus is killed by a formula such as fluidnotgel containing 80% v/v alcohol.

Blog: Killing Coronavirus

Fully Tested and Approved

We have commissioned independent testing of our formulation by trusted UKAS certified testing laboratories based in the north-west of England. The required tests consist of EN 1276, EN 13727 and EN 1500. fluidnotgel passed each test with flying colours. For example, the minimum requirement for EN 1276 is to kill 5 'log reduction' (see below) of bacteria within 60 seconds. fluidnotgel achieved 6 log (99.9999%) within 10 seconds. EN 13727 which we also passed within 10 seconds, is the medical equivalent to EN 1276. Next is EN 1500 which is the UK & EU standard for sanitisers in a medical setting and what the NHS require.

Suitable for All Settings

fluidnotgel has passed the crucial EN 1500 standard (as required by the NHS) and is thus suitable for use by everyone in all settings (whether at home, in the office, on a construction site or in a warehouse etc.) plus even clinical and medical staff working in care homes and hospitals. If you are interested to learn more about the myriad of sanitiser testing and how to interpret results, see the section below. It seems complicated at first, but there is a logic to it all. These tests and standards protect you.

Tested by WHO Reference Laboratories

In addition to our own independent BS EN 1500 testing, our formulation has also been tested to EN 1500 by WHO reference testing laboratories. We think it is vital that every sanitiser brand carries out independent testing on their own final product to ensure they meet the highest standards (and so they can issue certificates to businesses for their risk assessment files). You only have to watch Masterchef to know that a similar recipe made by different chefs can have vastly different results. Please see our production page to see the importance of 20 years of formulatory expertise and ISO-inspired quality control.

What does EN mean?

EN stands for European Norm. The numbers refer to specific standards drafted and maintained by the European Committee for Standardization and other EU bodies. You may see "BS EN" and not just EN - this just means that the British Standard (BS) has been aligned to the EN. Thus the two are identical. TIP: When looking for a reliable hand sanitiser, check to see if they have been tested to EN standards. And by all means, ask for the certificates.

More details on EN testing

Relevant hand sanitiser EN tests?

There are certain EN tests related to surface disinfectants and hand sanitisers. Here is a very quick guide. For an in-depth long read, please see our sanitiser testing blog post.

EN 1276 - general disinfectant

EN 13727 - medical version of EN 1276

EN 1500 - "medical grade" - mandatory for hand sanitiser claims

EN 12791 - pre-surgical version of EN 1500

EN 14476 - virucidal activity

Full lowdown on sanitiser testing

How results are measured

Results of sanitiser tests are measured in what scientists call 'log reductions'. If a product kills 99% of bacteria, this has a "two log reduction" (two numbers). If it kills 99.9% of bacteria then it has a "three log reduction", and so on. Crucial to know when evaluating results is the dosage ie. how much was applied eg. 5ml, and the contact time eg. 30 seconds.

More details on Log Reductions

Crowd-sourcing truth. Ask for test certificates.

Any reputable brand making a claim of effectiveness (especially if quoting an EN number) must have completed independent testing. This is not the same as either a) an MSDS / SDS or b) stating the tests were completed on the same formula by someone else (even if this is the WHO). If you do get a certificate sent to you, check the data on the certificate and compare to the directions on the product including the contact time and the dosage. It is vital that all sanitisers making claims are being truthful as people thinking they are protected when they are not is harmful to all of society.

Our certificates are available on request.

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fluidnotgel 50ml

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fluidnotgel 60ml

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fluidnotgel 300ml

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fluidnotgel 500ml

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