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fluidnotgel formula

the production.

Made in our ISO-certified UK facility.

Precision Manufacture

With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing complex skincare emulsions, the fluidnotgel formula is relatively easy to manufacture by comparison to most products we produce. However the margin for error with hand sanitisers is far greater than usual. And this is factoring in our already exacting standards. This is why we have adopted a pre and post manufacture validation process for every single batch. Only our quality assurance chemist is authorised release each batch.

Master Blender

You probably realise that within factories there are large production teams. We recruit technicians with a keen eye for detail and innate urge for precision and perfection. However, senior to all else is Vinny - our master blender. The sort of chap who diligently cleans his car wheels with a soft toothbrush and unlike the rest of us mere mortals who use the water straight from the hosepipe, he uses a bucket of home-made blend of non-corrosive detergents to clean his car at the exact temperature recommended on car enthusiast websites. Vinny has been charged with overseeing all sanitiser production and he is in constant contact with the duty production chemist.

Quality Control

What total volume do you get if you mix 80ml of alcohol and 20ml of water? Seems so simple. You do not get 100ml. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Due to the way ethanol and water combine in solution, the end volume is actually 97.22ml. I know - it is strange isn't it. In addition to this fascinating nuance of fluid chemistry, one also needs to factor in the vastly different densities of ethanol and water when manufacturing. A cubic metre of water weight precisely 1000kg (at standard temperature and pressure). But a cubic metre of ethanol weighs 789.3kg. This means using weight as the manufacturing unit (as is best practice at large scale) is something that must be done precisely using calibrated equipment. This is just mixing two of the ingredients but there are others too - all which adds complexity. Bottom line, the formula might look simple but making it precisely to get the claimed benefits from published trials is essential. And that is why only skilled professionals following a robust chemist-designed process is recommended.

Batch Validation

We check every single ingredient against their manufacture specification sheet prior to inclusion, weighed out using equipment calibrated to a national standard. And then after manufacture we test the finished batch before bottling. This involves two people independently verifying with different instruments the final ethanol content. We use a highly accurate digital density meter plus a manual hydrometer just in case. It is much like on an aircraft when the pilot tells the cabin-crew to lock the doors and "cross-check" each other. The verification data of the instrument readings are then captured and entered into the production system before a batch code can be generated.

Ultra Clean

Over the last two decades, we have visited countless factories when taken to review potential new equipment. We have seen it all. Our heritage is top of the line scientific skincare and we operate to the best practice at all times. We are independently audited twice a year for our ISO certification and always receive compliments recognising that we go above and beyond the standards required. It's our passion to do things right. Just look at that gleaming stainless steel on one of our small vessels picture at the top.

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fluidnotgel 50ml

fluidnotgel 50ml

from £1.39 each

Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

£10.99 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 60ml

fluidnotgel 60ml

from £1.59 each

Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

£11.49 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 300ml

fluidnotgel 300ml

from £5.42 each

Ideal for Kitchen, Cloakroom WC and Reception Desk.

£34.99 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 500ml

fluidnotgel 500ml

from £7.92 each

Ideal for Canteen, Warehouse, Reception Desk and Refill

£49.99 (6 Pack)

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