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simple. effective. non-drying.

Fluid vs Gel

As using hand sanitiser becomes more a common part of everyday life, people from all walks of life will experience what it has been like for scientists like us working with 'clean work protocols' for many years. We all have to apply hand sanitiser gel 3 to 5 times a day and aside from needing a soft, non-drying formula - what we dislike the most about gels (whatever they claim) is the stickiness after using - and this stickiness builds up after many uses. And that residue ends up on your keyboard and mouse at work, or on your steering wheel and switches in your car. All over your phone. On your beautiful white shirt or blouse. Yuk! That's why we developed our formula using a fluid format only. Once you try it, you won't want to switch back. So don't be surprised - this is a fluid, not a gel.

Are fluids more effective than gels?

In the WHO guide to hand sanitizers, they state "[gelling agents] may compromise antimicrobial efficacy". Another compelling reason we do not add gelling agents to our formula. Read this short blog post on the evidence behind this WHO claim.

Independently Tested

Let's cut to the chase, fluidnotgel has been subjected to independent microbiological and pathogen testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory. It is certified to meet the standards of EN 1276, EN 13727 and EN 1500. Download our certificates for your risk assessment file. For more details on fluidnotgel testing, see our dedicated page.

WHO Recommended

The fluidnotgel formula is a World Health Organisation recommended handrub formulation. Use with confidence. In addition to our own independent testing, further EN 1500 testing has been carried out on the formula at WHO reference laboratories. Our expert chemists have precisely followed the exact WHO guidelines. Our company has 20 years experience making cosmetic skincare emulsions and is as such ISO 9001 certified and GMP 22716 accredited. Read more about our ISO accreditation on our Company page.

What goes into fluidnotgel

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide. Active ingredient - Ethanol (80% v/v)

Medical Grade

The term "medical grade" is used casually quite a lot by brands, but it actually has no specific meaning for hand sanitisers. It for the manufacturer to justify the use of the term "medical grade". Our view is this legitimately applies to a formulation that has passed the European Norm or EN 1500 test as required by the NHS. You can read more about this on the testing page. The microbicidal activity of the fluidnotgel (WHO-recommended formulation) was tested by World Health Organisation reference laboratories according to EN standards (EN 1500) and has passed. A stickler for precision, we have submitted fluidnotgel independently for testing with a UK-based UKAS certified testing laboratory for further confirmatory tests.

Skincare Heritage

As a new brand, you may not have heard of fluidnotgel before. But our company and scientists have decades of expertise and are behind the global cult skincare brand Medik8 which is well known to dermatologists and skincare experts around the world. We think this is relevant not just because we bring the values of animal welfare and sustainability to the sanitiser category (read more on our Company page) but because we understand skin physiology and the importance of skincare. We are not an industrial or janitorial manufacturer. We already work with hundreds of thousands of people just like you who want their skin to feel soft and well moisturised. This is why we chose our formula very carefully. We think you will really appreciate the supple skin after-feel of fluidnotgel without any of the gluppiness associated with gels.


One of the few positive aspects of the 2020 Coronovirus pandemic was the benefits reduced economic activity had on carbon output and packaging consumption. Our company has a dedicated Sustainability Officer and we are committed to making fluidnotgel fully sustainable. Read more here.

Made in the UK

Our company (Pangaea) is based in the UK (Hertfordshire to be precise). We started developing innovative skincare formulations in 1999 using a tiny lab in the pharmacy owned by the father of our founder. Now we have over 40,000 sq ft. of space, 120 staff and we export around the world. When sourcing for our own company needs in February, we could not find high quality sanitiser and since our laboratory has strict policies over what supplies we can purchase, we had no choice but to develop our own. Indeed- this is why we started this project and why we have such extensive testing. Well you know where that ended!

How to Apply

It is important with any hand sanitiser to follow the instructions to get the claimed benefits. As you will see on the testing page, the certification is based on the formula plus the contact time and dosage. This is especially important in medical and surgical settings. Follow this video for the best practice application technique.

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fluidnotgel 50ml

fluidnotgel 50ml

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Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

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fluidnotgel 60ml

fluidnotgel 60ml

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Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

£11.49 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 300ml

fluidnotgel 300ml

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Ideal for Kitchen, Cloakroom WC and Reception Desk.

£34.99 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 500ml

fluidnotgel 500ml

from £7.92 each

Ideal for Canteen, Warehouse, Reception Desk and Refill

£49.99 (6 Pack)

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