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Making the UK Self-Sufficient

Yes, like others, we are made in the UK. All in-house within our pristine ISO facility in Hertfordshire. But we want to go much further than just making the formula here.

Like you, we became very troubled by the inability of the UK to make enough PPE for its own needs. We understand why. We appreciate we have become reliant on otherwise stable and reliable supply chains but the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has made us realise that we must be self-sufficient in critical manufacture. This is especially important now the UK has left the European Union. That is why we are working hard not just to produce the product entirely in the UK, but also every ingredient, the labels, the packaging etc. Even our testing is performed by UKAS labs in North-West England to support UK science. You can find out more about our company and ISO accreditation here.


We are committed to making fluidnotgel fully sustainable. We have had to make compromises during the pandemic as packaging is incredibly hard to source but even so, here is our current situation: 1. No cartons 2. Refill versions to reduce pump wastage 3. Recycled plastic in every bottle (By July the 300ml bottle will be 100% recycled plastic) 4. Our pumps are quite rarely recyclable without dismantling - just put in the recycling bin if not reusing. 5. Our labels are designed to be easy to remove in the recycling centre. 6. Cold processing massively cuts productions carbon dioxide emissions

For companies looking to make hand sanitiser part of their staple supplies like paper and coffee, we recognise that our values should match those of our customers.

Keeping Children Safe

It is really important to keep hand sanitiser products out of the reach of young children. There are many reports from the USA where children have been rushed to emergency rooms after drinking hand sanitisers. We understand this is exacerbated by a number of factors including colourful labels with plant imagery, coloured formula and appealing fragrances. This is why we have none of that. It is worth noting that fragrances can also cause skin irritation for many - another reason we do not include.

Against Animal Testing

We are passionately and actively against animal testing. None of our products are tested on animals. The fluidnotgel formula is 100% vegan-friendly. Our company, via the Zipper Foundation (named after our amazing office dog who died in 2019) donates £15,000 per year to animal welfare projects around the world. So far, we have saved 200 dogs from death-row in Korea and paid for blood testing equipment for rescued chimpanzees. More deserving help is coming and we will be adding a page on the foundation soon.

50,000 For Free

Before we made fluidnotgel available to buy, we wanted to take care of the community who were taking care of us. So we gave away over 50,000 bottles of hand sanitiser from March to June 2020. This was made by us under strict social distancing rules and sent for free to care homes, elderly in the community, homeless and vulnerable people, hospices and the NHS and even the Police. It may have been smarter business practice to sell and donate simultaneously but aside from our own personal values, we felt in the future individual and business customers would look to see how companies responded to the pandemic. Did they help others first? To find out more about our Covid-19 Response, we have a blog post here.

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