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Based in Hertfordshire. Since 1999.

Behind the Scenes

We make fluidnotgel in-house at our Pangaea Laboratories secure facility in Hertfordshire. This video shows our 30,000 sq. ft. production centre. Our laboratory and offices are at a separate location about 3 miles away.

We are like you

As a medium-sized business that started in a 'shed' 20 years ago, we understand exactly the issues and complexities of running a small business, especially since the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are looking to purchase hand sanitiser for your business use, let us help you with this one headache. Get a high quality product together with a professional, responsive and knowledgeable service.

ISO & GMP Certified

Our company was founded in 1999 as a cosmetic manufacturer with expertise in complex skincare emulsions. We are ISO 9001:2015 and GMP 22716:2007 certified and are independently audited twice per year. These certifications relate to cosmetic manufacture protocols however this high quality approach (which incidentally is voluntary and expensive to maintain) should give an insight to our culture of precision and excellence in everything we do.

Skincare Heritage

fluidnotgel is the product of necessity. Our company employs research chemists and scientists working in a clean laboratory and uses hand sanitisers regularly prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. In February when we could not find any suitable quality sanitiser from our usual suppliers, we decided to make our own rather than risk buying imported formulations with opaque technical data. We decided to use a liquid format with moisturisers built-in as we know the importance of skin moisturisation to user happiness. Only through compliance will the infection-control benefits of sanitisers be achieved.

Against Animal Testing

Our company is passionately and actively campaign against animal testing. fluidnotgel is not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly. Read more about our values here.

50,000 For Free

Since February 2020, we have given away over 50,000 bottles of hand sanitiser. All before we sold a single bottle. Read more about our values here and for the lowdown on our 50,000 giveaway see our donation blog post.

Ready to order?

fluidnotgel 50ml

fluidnotgel 50ml

from £1.39 each

Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

£10.99 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 60ml

fluidnotgel 60ml

from £1.59 each

Pocket-size for personal use. Desk, Car, Gym, Handbag.

£11.49 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 300ml

fluidnotgel 300ml

from £5.42 each

Ideal for Kitchen, Cloakroom WC and Reception Desk.

£34.99 (6 Pack)

fluidnotgel 500ml

fluidnotgel 500ml

from £7.92 each

Ideal for Canteen, Warehouse, Reception Desk and Refill

£49.99 (6 Pack)

A word from our founder

Elliot Isaacs
“We started making fluidnotgel for our staff as we couldn't find any good quality sanitiser back in February 2020 at the start of the UK novel coronavirus outbreak. It wasn't long before we decided to manufacture and donate to the elderly and homeless. Then we were contacted by the Police, NHS staff, Hospices and so many Care Homes. That's when we committed to making another 50,000 bottles to give away. We were blown away by the positive feedback to the formulation with it being a fluid, and not a sticky gel. So we decided we should make a new brand and call it.... fluidnotgel. As we look to the future, our mission is to become the nation's favourite non-gel sanitiser brand”
Elliot Isaacs,
FluidNotGel Founder
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