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50,000 free to charity

50,000 free to charity

How it started

When the call went out for ventilators and we saw what was happening in Italy we thought what can we do to help. Our head of research said, ”We can’t make ventilators, but we can make sanitiser”. That's how it began.

Made for work

We first developed fluidnotgel for the use of our staff because we could not locate any high quality sanitiser for our own team. But shortly after the call for help from the Prime Minister, we decided to get involved and help out in this unprecedented national crisis. Here is our original pack from February 2020 in the my office.

4000 from stock

As anyone in the industry will confirm, packaging was extremely scarce and had huge lead times. We managed to locate some 30ml bottles and matching caps in our warehouse and utilised the pharma grade ethanol and other ingredients we had in stock to manufacture 4000 bottles. These were sent by courier to care homes, elderly in the community, the homeless, vulnerable people, hospices, the NHS and even the police.

It is (and forever will be) quite incredible to remember that for a few months in 2020, it was practically impossible to get hand sanitiser. We were getting emotional letters from surgical departments, NHS ward sisters, hospices, care home managers and homeless shelters.

50,000 more

While dealing with all the fallout from lockdown and ensuring all staff were either taken care of under the furlough scheme or continuing to work, we partnered with two other companies who wanted to help, plus the public via a GoFundMe page to allow us to make another 50,000 bottles of sanitiser to go to care homes who were still struggling to get quality supplies, free of charge. You remember we were all operating under lockdown or near lockdown at that stage so we had to do all this with strict social distancing and have the skeleton team arrive by car, cycle and walking only. Huge shout out to the production crew.

Amazing feedback every day

We had such incredible feedback about the non-sticky and non-drying formula that we decided to make the fluidnotgel brand. So many people had commented that it was such a welcome surprise to try a non-gel formula. And one that was moisturising and rapid-dry.  All we kept hearing was how sticky all the gels were. Even the ones claiming to be ‘non-sticky’ and how important this was for their various work tasks - such as operating expensive equipment where you do not want build-up or residue.

Ready to launch

So we are very excited to finally be in a position to launch our new brand, fully independently tested to the highest standards, just in time for the UK to get back to work. Bit late but we wanted to help others before selling a single bottle ourselves.

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