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Forget sticky keyboards

Even the gels that claim to be non-sticky are somewhat tacky and can leave grubbiness and gel bits all over sensitive and expensive equipment. Whether your van steering wheel, your designer's camera and studio equipment, your IT engineer's networking components and of course all your team's keyboards and mice. We have heard from so many sectors about the benefits of a non-gel formula. Recently we heard from a large building contractor that said gels were causing havoc for bricklaying trades with dust sticking to their hands and then transferring to their power-tools and other sensitive equipment like precision-machined spirit levels.

Low Prices, Reliable Supplies.

We will not be beaten on price. Secure a premium quality, fully independently tested hand sanitiser, made in our ISO certified facility at the price point of the ordinary. We are looking to build long-term relationships with business customers to become your preferred hand sanitiser supplier. Our prices have not changed since the start of the pandemic. We have never charged more than this. This says more about us that any words.

Be "COVID-19 Secure" Compliant

We know that you are facing pressure from all sides. You want to keep your staff safe. You need to comply with government guidelines for "COVID Secure" compliance. However your current hand sanitiser suppliers are either out of stock or charging gouging prices. Many well-intentioned suppliers are not familiar with ISO protocols or the importance of risk assessment paperwork. At fluidnotgel we understand exactly what you are coping with. After all, we have a 100+ person business ourselves. We are not offering masks or other PPE at this time because we want to focus on making the very best hand sanitiser which has been independently tested and certified as compliant with all requirements.

Monochrome design fits your brand guidelines

We understand that hand sanitiser is no longer a janitorial item kept under a canteen sink cupboard. It is on display. On desks, in bathrooms and even on your reception counter. It may be visible in your team's video conference meetings. That is why fluidnotgel has been designed from the ground-up to be stylish and monochrome to ensure that it can blend in with any brand design.

We share your values

Even during this crisis, where running your business is more complex than ever before, you are still making great strides towards underlying mega-trends such as sustainability. At fluidnotgel our roots are in luxury skincare and we are passionate about animal welfare, ethical hiring and sustainability. We never test on animals and so you can boldly assert your sanitiser supplier is 'cruelty-free'. We also are very close to 100% sustainable packaging including 100% recycled PET bottles, recyclable pumps without dismantling and encouraging reuse of pumps. We do not use colourants or fragrances which can be an attractant to children. Everything we do is geared towards premium quality, transparency and safety. To see the depth of our independent testing, please see our Testing page.

Real people, ready to help

Everything can be administered on this website including setting up a company account and adding multiple staff with roles and permissions to download certificates and place orders. But if you would like to discuss your account and any large orders, please feel free to contact our business development manager Lee Hanly on email or use the contact form where you can find Lee's WFH mobile phone number.

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